Scientific research centre

        Zhengzhou Runner Research Center has been carrying out business operation under a market-oriented policy and targeted at technical development and innovation, and commercialization and promotion of research findings. We have, during our independent innovation, set up an operation mechanism centering on “scientific research-market-production”.

        Presently the company has a well-established quality management system. It obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification successively. Besides, the company’s power metering box and low-voltage complete plant have obtained the national 3C quality certification. Now the company boasts a great many advanced testing instruments and equipments such as salt spray test instrument, tracking detector, glow wire tester, high and low temperature test instrument and pressure tester, which ensure scientific performance and indicators and effective testing and inspection of our products.

        Over the years, we have recorded outstanding achievements concerning the grid and electricity-related products. For example, our smart grid low-voltage distribution management system under our independent innovation has been granted the award of “excellent enterprise with self-innovated research achievement” of the State. Currently the project has received 9 national patents, including two patents of invention and 7 patents for utility models. In 2012, great breakthroughs have been made to the electric energy calibrator, column breaker controller and anti-electricity-stolen controller developed by the company, filling the gap in China concerning a number of technologies. Projects under our current development in 2013 include storage battery on-line monitoring system, electric energy meter calibrator, multifunctional electricity tester, permanent magnet pole breaker (including terminal controller), which has achieved gratifying technological achievements at the moment.

        In addition, the research center has carried out technical cooperation in various forms with Zhengzhou University, Henan Normal University, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry and other famous universities and research institutes in China, which involved numerous supreme talents in R&D, production and quality control of the same industry and the formation of a research team led by experts, professors, doctors and masers.