• Name: Rn 1031 Field Testing Calibrator
        • Shelf time: 2016-03-25
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        Brief description :
        Rn1031 Electric Energy Terminal(Multi-functional Meter) Scene Calibrator is a new functional calibrator designed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Runner Electric Co., Ltd. Independently. It is a centralized & intelligent portable scene calibrator device. The device adopts the SOPC (System-on-a-Programmable-Chip) solution so it can realize the parallel, real-time, high-precision metering. It has the advantages of cutting, expansion , upgrade and programming software & hardware online. It provides a convenient and efficient solution for varies electric energy acquisition terminals (multi-functional meter ) on site. The equipment passed the authoritative identification and have a good fame in the market since it lunched.
        The device has the following main functions: 
        Calibration function : Can calibrate acquisition terminals, electronic singles, 3-phase meters, concentrators, etc. on site; And its detection accuracy is 0.05,0.1; Can calibrate the active and reactive pulse and display the error;
        Checking function on electric circuit : to display the electrical parameters vector, find the connection error of 3-phase 3-wire and 3-phase 4-wire terminals on site;
        485 and 232 Communication interface : Communicate with acquisition terminals, meter and concentrator by Using 232 or 485 communication line;
        Control & detection function : to inspect devices’ control function by controlling the ports and using the corresponding commands;
        Telesignalling detection function : dual switch output, can query device’s control state by connecting the telesignalling terminals;
        GPS calibration time function : Can carry out GPS clock in the open air and error is less than 0.1s;
        Carrier detect function : Can replace different carriers from node module, carry out power carrier communication with concentrator’s master node, and inspect its communication;
        Real-time record function : It has clock and Chinese &English operation system inside, and can store 5000 groups on-site-test data;
        USB communication function : Connect with Computer , display and check the data by software, and store it in printing report form; Output the data to U disk;
        GPRS/CDMA signal strength testing function : Test the GPRS/CDMA signal strength and channel error rate where the device located.
        The equipment has the precision instrument case with high strength, impact resistance, sealed structure, water-proof , moisture-proof , dust-proof . 
        Advanced Technic: 7″color LCD touch screen, Chinese/English menu, SOPC.
        Handiness: Operate by touch screen or by the key at the bottom of display area.
        Security: Voltage wiring with lagging, poly-bag alligator clip, no bare metal, test security.
        Low consumption: Power supply by lithium battery or external DC, the consumption is 10VA.
        Portability: The instrument with the case structure and strap, convenient to take on shoulder or hand.
        Upgrade: Program the software and hardware in the system.

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