• Name: RN1031 Pad field testing calibrator
        • Shelf time: 2016-03-25
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        General introduction :

        After widely investigation of the end users and combining the advanges of domestic and oversea’s similar products,  RN1031 on-site calibrator (Pad version) for three phase electric energy meter is finally well designed and developed. RN1031 belongs to the new generation of on-site calibrator for smart electric energy meter.
        It has functions of electric energy meter tolerance calibrating, electricity utilization auditoring, electricity quality analysis, and electricity data collecting. Without adding hardware equipments, it can achieve bar code scanning, connecting wifi and MIS database, on-site photographing, auditoring and collecting evidence by photographing, GPS navigation, etc. Meanwhile, it is available for Chinese charactors input and database management. So RN1031 calibrator is helpful smart equipment of electric energy metering deparment.

        Main characteristics:

        1. spit type design. Pad can communicate with on-site calibrator by bluetooth; without adding hardware equipments, it can achieve two-dimensional code and bar code scanning and importing and can directly set and get the user’s data.
        2. it supports samsung, Mi brand pad and can adjust according to user’s requirements.
        3. fundamental specs test includes: voltage, current, apparent power, active power, reactive power, power factor, vector drawings and so on.
        4. tolerance test supports main and deputy meters checking simutaneously.
        5. it supports debugging of fault wire connecting and provides debugging steps in detail; the steps can be vividly shown in the wiring draw and the power expression equation can also be provided.
        6. power retroactive function:provide the power retroactive formula, retroactive coefficient and a written description in detail.
        7. supporting power drawn online with a wide voltage of 45V-450V; built-in lithium battery with more than 5 hours power providing.
        8. 2-21 times harmonic analysis with bar graph presenting the wave chart of volt and current.
        9. supporting DL/T645-2007 and DL/T645-1997 protocol.
        10. supporting on-site auditoring and taking the evidence, the picture and video of evidence directly stored in this store unit of meter , very convenient to check and replay.
        11. supporting the test of CT transformation ratio and the set of PT/CT and calculating one time, two time power energy according to the one time test value showed in the setup.
        12. Pad software provides MIS system interface and can achieve the upload and download of data through wifi.

        Tech specs:

        1. active grade: 0.05 grade , reactive grade: 0.1 grade; equiped clamp meter grade: 0.2 grade
        2. voltage measuring range: 57.7V, 100 V, 220V, 380V,; accuracy: 0.01V
        3. current measuring range: 0-6A; accuracy: 0.01A
        4. frequency measuring range: 45-65Hz; accuracy: 0.01Hz
        5. angle measuring range: 0-359.99 degree; accuracy: 0.01 degree
        6. current measuring with direct wiring to measure: 0-5A
        7. clamp meter measuring: 0A-5A ( can select 50A, 100A, 500A, 1000A clamp meter to equip )
        8. on-site power taking:: 45-450V , the main body and pad’s battery providing power with not less than 5 hours.
        9. main body volume: not more than the size of 210*140*55 mm; weight: less than 1 kilogram

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